The Kitchen

Welcome to my kitchen! As with everything around here, I like to cook on purpose. That is, I put some thought into what we put in our bodies every day. I've read a lot of books and done my homework, and decided that what's best for us are real, whole foods, as close as possible to the way God made them.

I'm not compulsive about it, but I do try to make just about everything from scratch, and get things as locally as possible. I'll write here about nutrition, resources, and trying to eat well without going broke.

For a look at how this works for us, check out our weekly meal plans.


My favorite sources for recipes are Heavenly Homemakers,, and my good old Betty Crocker cookbook. I then tweak and change them to fit our family, and when they're tried and true, they make their way here. 

Bread and Breakfast
Blackberry Buckle
Blackberry Scones
Sandwich Bread
Squash Cake
Vanilla Sugar Muffins

Main Dishes
Baked Ziti
Chicken Parmesan
Chicken Pot Pie
Fettucine Alfredo
Refried Beans
Tortilla Pie
Tuna Salad
Vegetable Soup

Drinks and Snacks
Hot Apple Cider
Bean Dip
Soft Pretzel Bites

Easy Pie Crust
Whipped Cream

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