About Us

This was going to be the 'about me' page, but that seemed a little selfish, so I decided to throw in the whole gang.

But since I'm writing the blog, I get to go first.

My name is Brieana. I've been married to Justyn for 10 years. Yep, we were really young. We are still really young and will continue to be young for a long, long, time. Please don't hold it against us. I homeschool our kids, and education, especially home education, is very important to me. I love to encourage other homeschooling parents! We'll talk a lot about that here. We'll also talk about healthy eating, having fun, saving money, loving Jesus, and being a real, normal family.

I will also try to be funny. I'd really like to be funny. We'll see how it goes.

BY THE WAY. I probably sound like I know what I'm doing when I talk about parenting and homeschooling and homemaking on this blog. I might, actually. I might not. Keep in mind that I'm just telling you what works for us right now, and that might change. I reserve the right to change my mind and contradict myself at any time, as I grow older and wiser and less apt to think I know it all. If I sound too much like a know-it-all, you're welcome to call me on it. I might listen, but I might not. I hope we can still be friends.

Justyn is a Children's Pastor. And a darn fine one, at that. He is a published author and speaker. He hosted a phenomenal children's ministry conference called Napkin. He is brilliant and witty and charismatic and has his own blog at JustynSmith.com.

Together we have 5 kids. Yes, we started young. Yes, we are (still) very young and yes they are all ours. Yes we have our hands full. Can we have some of yours?

Sorry, I got sidetracked.

Leslea is the first born child. She was born in West Virginia on a sunny January day in 2002 and has been bringing sunshine to our house ever since. She likes horses, soccer and being the mom, and hates to read. Owain is 7 and knows everything. Just ask him. He is an expert on Early American History, church politics, things that fly, and dirt. He is also helpful, considerate and polite. We like him. Alese is the Middle Child. If you've ever met a middle child, you know what she's like. She is generally the center of attention, and she likes it that way. She likes to sing and dance and wear dresses. Usually the princess dress up kind. Usually to the grocery store. I usually let her. Judah is two. He is the funniest, most adorable kid I've ever met and he keeps us all in stitches. He is also very messy, preferring to wear his food in his hair, but we forgive him for that because he gives us 'the eyebrow' if we mention it to him. He can climb anything, which provides lots of material for blogging. Westyn is the baby, and oh MY but that child is spoilt. Westyn does not sleep through the night. Westyn likes to be held. All. The. Time. And talked to, and played with. And we humor him, because we know he's the last one, and we are much more understanding of what is really important than we used to be.

I also have 2 Borrowed Children. The Borrowed Children started coming to me when I did home daycare and they were very small. They are now in Kindergarten, and come to me four days a week to learn to read and write and get things stuck in their noses  do math. They have real names, but since they don't belong to me I'm not going to tell them to you. We'll call them Grin and Cricket.  We don't get to see the Borrowed Children any more, since we moved (see below) and we miss them very much.

We live in Las Vegas, NV, which has excellent weather and wonderful people, despite what you  may have heard. Also a great place to host a convention, if you're looking for something like that. Just saying.

We recently moved to Corona, CA, where we are starting a new adventure and learning what it's like to live in the midst of 12 million people. We still have a picture of our farmhouse in our mind, and we haven't quite decided how we like it yet, but we're trusting God and keeping a good attitude. (And by we, I mean me. The Amazing Husband likes it quite well.)

And these are our adventures. They are usually mundane but as Einstein once said, "God is in the details".

Indeed He is.