Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A Garden Update

Smockity Frocks is hosting a garden link-up today! 

If you're gardening, go link up, or just check out the garden links. Most of them look a lot better than mine. 

But I'm all for being humiliated humble, so here's how ours is doing:

These are our strawberries. I'm happy to report that all three are still alive, even the one we thought we'd lost. They don't seem to be doing much, though.

Green pepper. You can see it's being munched by something. Not much movement here, either.

Now this beauty is my pride and joy. Sweet peas that are growing so much they're hanging off their cage! Next year I'll plant them closer to the fence and use a trellis. And they're flowering so I have some hope of actual produce.

This is the other pea, that had been nearly decimated by bugs. It's starting to come back.

Oh, yes! And this is our Sugar Snack Tomato! Looking quite nice.

See? Little tomatoes! They're so cute!

Right, and these are cucumbers. In my defense they were nearly dead when we brought them home.

Now this is growing nicely. Too bad I didn't plant it. 

I did plant this one, though. It was doing great until I transplanted it into this nice big pot. Then it kind of fell over and went listless on me. Any suggestions?

Ah yes. The tomatoes. I planted 6 Roma tomatoes, and they all look like this. Maybe not enough water? 
 I don't know. 

So that's progress. Are you gardening? 


  1. Great blog post about your progress. The good, the bad, and the ugly.

    I dont have enough experience to offer any advice.

    I bet thinkgs will start perking up in no time.

  2. I'm not here about gardening, although I wish I were, but I'm not planting a single plant this year b/c we are getting ready to move cross-country, but I just found you via Happy Housewife so I wanted to introduce myself. Hi! I am getting ready to START homeschooling my (three) children, after they've all already been in public school. I'm inclined toward the classical curriculum, at least to start, and I liked your HH comment about her SOTW, which I've already started to read to my two littler ones. And I got to hear Susan Wise Bauer speak at the Cincinnati convention last month! And I really liked her style. Looking forward to becoming more acquainted w/your blog. :)

  3. Hi Budgets are the New Black! Where ever did you come up with your clever name!? I love it. I'm jealous that you got to hear SWB in person, but I won't let it stop us from being friends. :) God speed on your move and your new journey into homeschooling - what a big change in your life!