Monday, May 23, 2011

Breaking the Ice

Hey there! I'm sorry I haven't posted anything lately. First we were busy, then I was lazy, and then it got to the point where it had been so long I felt like I needed to have an explanation. Kind of like when you haven't called a friend for, oh, six months or so and you feel like you can't just call and say, "Hey, how's it going?" like you talked to them last week? So you wait until you have an hour to catch up but a free hour never materializes?

Anyway. This is my 'break the ice' post. (Get the picture now?) I do promise that I've been working on some great material and rounding up some great guest posters for the launch of my NEW BLOG which I think will happen in August but maybe September depending on how the summer goes.

And I picked a name. Want to know what it is?

The Living Well.

Seriously, after all that indegestion. Truth is I couldn't think of anything better, and then my father-in-law said something really nice about it and I'm a sucker for fatherly-love stuff so there you go.

It's coming soon and I'm very excited. There will be lots of guest posters who have wisdom in the areas of parenting, homeschooling, eating, wifing (or whatever the present tense verb for wife is) and more, and best of all it'll be a community where YOU can weigh in, give advice and ask questions.

Looking forward to it! Now off to work...

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