Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Going Green: Saving Money with Coupons!

I'm taking Laura at  Heavenly Homemakers up on her little green challenge this week. I'm going to try to post on:

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Doesn't it sound like fun? To start with, let me introduce you to my good friend Jennifer, who can save you a LOT of green! If there were professional couponers, she would be one. This girl once bought over $300 worth of groceries for 21 cents!!! I am not kidding. And she can teach you to do it, too! She's also a real woman, a wife, mom of twins and homemaker just like you and me. And she's the kind of girl you can talk to for six hours without realizing it until the kids come bugging you for food.. not that I would know about that. Ahem. 

Anyway. Here's a little interview with Jenn to give you a glimpse into her life of amazing savings... 

Me: Ok, tell us what we all want to know. How much do you spend every month on food and household items like toiletries, paper products and cleaning supplies?

Jenn: I budget $250 for my family of 4. 

Me (coughing and choking and scraping my jaw off the floor): Wow. What kind of savings is that?

Jenn: Now I'm at a time when I generally get 50% or more off everything I buy.

Me: Why did you start couponing? How long have you been at it?

Jenn: I started couponing when I quit working when my twins were young. They're six now. I watched the cost of food start rising soon after they were born and I started looking for ways to save.  It has taken me a couple of years plundering through the internet trying to learn about coupon savings and other ways to save to get this good at it.

Me: Be honest, how much time does it take? 

Jenn: I spend about 10 hours a week couponing.  Now my leisure internet time is searching for the latest deals instead of playing Tetrus!   

Me: Where do you get your coupons?

Jenn: I search for printable grocery coupons. I use coupon codes available via the internet for many purchases online.  It is a simple as doing an internet search. I purchase multiple Sunday newspapers delivered to my door, strictly for the coupon inserts.  You may find subscription cost being lower if you are ordering multiple newspapers. About once a week, I do an internet search for “free sample offers” from manufacturers.  Manufacturers not only send you a fabulous sample, but they generally include a high value coupon in the package.

Me: Ok, you get food for cheap. But doesn't that mean living off pizza rolls and soda?

Jenn: Couponing does not mean buying only quick prepackaged meals. Personally I bypass some very cheap prepackaged purchases because I prefer to cook from stratch.  Coupons I find include canned beans, pasta, sugar, oils, spices, soups, canned fruits, cereal, oatmeal, nuts, salad mixes etc.  You get the picture.   

Me: What about other household items?       

Jenn: Cosmetics and household products have a great deal of coupons available.  I am not brand conscious like I used to be. I match a sale to a coupon to get the best deal. I have tried some products I never would have without the sale/coupon and turned out to love them.

Me: What are the best stores to use coupons in?

Jenn: My favorite stores for the best savings & sales are Super Target, Walgreens, CVS and Kroger brand stores.  These stores all offer printable coupons on their sites.  A store coupon can be combined with a manufacturer's coupon for added savings. I play "The Drug Store Game" and get all kinds of free items.

Me: What is "The Drug Store Game"?

Jenn: I play “The Drug Store Game” at CVS and Walgreens.  Meaning, most weeks they offer several products that reimburse you on the spot for the purchase price with a coupon good toward ANYTHING in the store.  So, if you need eggs and bacon that are $6 total, and this week bodywash is $6, but there’s a $6 coupon to be printed when I purchase the bodywash. I would buy the bodywash first, then use the coupon to purchase my bacon and eggs~getting $12 worth for $6.
Me This is starting to sound confusing. 

Jenn: It can seem a little confusing when you start, but it's worth it to learn! Check out my website at: I have videos on my website that show saving tips and some huge saving trips. Here's one:

Ok, so now we all are in awe of Jenn. But you can do it, too! Check out her website for more, or leave a comment here if you have a question for her. 


  1. Very impressive savings! I clip a lot of coupons, but I wouldn't call myself a pro.

  2. There seems to be a problem with the link to the website....Could not get it to come up...

  3. Thank you so much! The link should be fixed now.