Monday, March 21, 2011

Going Green: Buy Refurbished

If you missed them, find out how we're saving green, eating more greens, and making more green!

I think I get double points for this one, because it not only saves the earth, it saves money, too!

When we moved into this house we needed a washer and dryer. I spent about 3 weeks researching (imagine 7 people and no washer and dryer.. not fun, folks, not fun at all) and finally settled on this pair: 

They are extra super capacity front loaders from LG Tromm, and I LOVE them. They use almost no detergent and very little water. I can fit twice the clothes in them I used to (I've gone from 10 loads per week to 6). And I paid just over a third of the retail cost plus tax for them. 

How? I bought them refurbished. 

If you're careful, you can get a great deal this way. I found a reputable dealer of refurbished appliances on Craigslist who offered a 6 month warranty. I spoke to him on the phone a few times, then visited his "warehouse" (in his backyard). I felt comfortable dealing with him after speaking to him and seeing how clean and well kept his appliances were. 

Buying refurbished not only saves you money (almost $1000 in our case), it's also a great way to help save the earth. Instead of languishing in a landfill, these appliances are happily saving me time and resources in my laundry room. 

It's a win-win. 

What are you doing to save money or resources? 

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