Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My Stats Make Me Chuckle

I was looking at my stats recently, because I get a big ego boost when I see people read my blog. Did you know people from all over the world read this blog? I don't really believe it either, but that's what the stat counter thing says. This week I even got a hit from Iran. Just one, though. Whenever I get a solitary view from another country, I always imagine what that poor soul was thinking. "What in the world is this? This isn't American Idol! I must have made a mistake!" Only I imagine it in a very poorly done accent. Usually Russian.

Anyway. One of the features of the 'stats' page is a section that shows you what searches led folks to your page. For example, if you searched for "The Living Well" and then clicked on the blog, that would come up. This week somebody did a Google search for "picture of a sick potato". (Remember this post?) Really? What circumstances would lead you to search the internet for a picture of a sick potato? What is a sick potato, anyway?

Hahaha heeheeheehee. Gave me a laugh.

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