Friday, March 4, 2011

Shelly the Snail, and a sick potato

Meet Shelly.

Shelly is a garden snail that Owain found on the sidewalk. He now lives in a glass jar (temporarily, until we find an aquarium) on our kitchen counter and the children insist he is very happy there eating lettuce and oozing. I'm very happy that we now have a pet, and one that doesn't shed, drool, cost anything or go to the vet.

Oh and look! Westyn is sitting up! Yay Westyn! It took him long enough, but he got it. 

Um, and yes, that is a googly eye on the floor next to him. Don't worry, I was watching. 

Finally, here is poor potato, feverish and stuffy, after he had his shots. 

Have you ever seen anything more sad in your life? I know, me neither. 

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