Monday, February 7, 2011

One more thing about health care...

Ok. I know I said I was done commenting on the health care debate.

But then I watched the Super Bowl.

I watched Bill O'Reilly interview the president about health care. O'Reilly asked Mr. Obama what he planned to do if the health care bill was struck down in the Supreme Court. Here is the president's response:

OBAMA: Here's what I'm not prepared to do, I'm not prepared to go back to a day when the American people if you have got a pre-existing condition, if you had a heart attack then you can't get help.

If you had a heart attack then you can't get help. 

Ah, but you can get help, Mr. President. The law says you cannot be denied emergency medical care because you cannot pay. That's because of the Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act.Read a full run-down of that law here

If you think the EMTLA is part of Mr. Obama's health care package, think again. It was passed in 1986.


Either our president does not understand current health care laws (which is rather frightening since he's trying to overhaul them) or he lied to us to make us believe his plan is better than what we already have. 

Let that marinate for a little bit. 

You can read a full transcript of the interview here, just in case you think I'm taking things out of context.

Think I've got it wrong? Well thought out debates are always welcome. 

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