Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Missing The Amazing Husband

Today is day 3 of the single parent experiment and I will say that one good thing has come of it. I think my husband should go away like this about once a year. Because when he's gone, I have an opportunity to really appreciate him, and all he does around here.

It really isn't the housework or loneliness that gets to me, it's the constant NEED my kids have for attention and affection. Normally I can keep up with it because I share the burden. Now there's no one to go to but Mom anytime a kid needs a drink or wants to tell a story or has a Lego in his nose. Not that that happens around here.

Anyway. My husband is great and I miss him. Looking around at the marriages around me (we've had dear friends lose their marriages and it's so sad) I think we're pretty blessed. (Hmm... I think maybe a post about marriage might be in order... ours, specifically, lest you think it's all peaches and roses around here...)

We have had some fun. With only one set of eyes, things get a little dodgy sometimes. I found my 2 year old sitting in the 2nd drawer of his dresser holding a can of Pepsi (unopened, thank the Lord) and my nearly 7 year old boy was caught in the back yard today catching old leaves on fire with a lighter.

Also my iPhone is broken and I can't transfer pictures to the computer. I have a whole stack of recipes ready to post, but they seem half done without the pictures, ya know? I'll get them up soon.

Thanks for hanging in there with me.


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  1. How are you holding up? My dh just started travelling for work -- a week, then 3 weeks, then a week...hopefully home for awhile now! What surprised me the most is how centered he kept us. Without dad coming home, the days/nights/weeks just blurred together.
    Lee (from the WTM board)
    PS Love your blog motto!