Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Are ya still there?


It seems I am not superhuman, after all.

The crush of dealing with 5 kids by myself, making Christmas happen, making school happen, making a move happen, and doing as little much laundry as possible has meant that a few things have gotten pushed to the side of the plate, as it were.

Including this blog!

So I'm very sorry if any of you have been eagerly anticipating my next post, only to be let down for weeks on end.

In fact, I've been so busy that I had to write down my priorities and stick them on my fridge. It's a little reminder of what's important, and I'm thinking I may keep it up even after all this is over.

The Amazing Husband comes home in 2 days. Christmas is in 4. The move is in 6. And I can't find my hairbrush...

Merry Christmas everybody. See you in January!


  1. So a funny thing happened on the way to this post.. I was trying to add the picture and I could not figure out where it was.. I looked in all the files I could think of.. and then I realized I hadn't taken it yet!

    Uh huh. G'night!

  2. Love your list! :) I really do think you're A-MAZ-ING!!