Saturday, November 27, 2010

Black Friday

Ah, Black Friday. Last year I was an enthusiastic participant in this completely insane tradition. A friend and I got up VERY early and headed out to shop til we dropped. I can't remember how early it was, but I do remember that Starbucks wasn't open yet, and that, my friend, is too early. 

This year, however, was a different story. Not only did my kids have very specific gift requests this year, those gifts being the same ones all the kids want, hence they are not the ones that are on super amazing sale, we received a call from our bank on Thanksgiving that someone had gotten a hold of our account information and made a bunch of fraudulent charges with our money! That meant, of course, that our cards were frozen. Not only that, we won't be able to get them un-frozen until Monday when the bank will be open again. They were closed Friday in observation of "Family Day". Funny, I thought it was "Retail Bonanza Day" but what do I know. 

So we made it a family day. We put up the Christmas tree and did some decorating and packing. (Wondering why we're packing?) I made homemade chicken nuggets for lunch and rosemary pork chops with cranberry sauce and acorn squash for dinner. Nothing like a day in the kitchen to get you in a good mood. Well, that's what gets me in a good mood. I guess I really don't know about you. 

So welcome to the Christmas season! My goal for the blog this Christmas is to post new recipes, gift ideas and crafts as we do them. Since we're also moving during this Christmas season I refuse to promise how many recipes, gifts and crafts you'll actually get, but it's a goal. 

Merry Christmas! May your family be close and your feet not hurt too much from running around WalMart at 3am. 

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