Friday, July 15, 2011

TV Picks for Preschoolers

Recently I posted on how TV effects kids and why they shouldn't watch it. Just in case you need a more authoritative figure to tell you about TV and kids, here's one and here's another.  Now I'm going to break my own rule and tell you the shows we watch regularly.

Yep, we watch TV. I see it the way I see dessert - a nice treat on occasion. (A caveat - I would never feed my kids rat poison, no matter how much they wanted it. I feel the same about certain television programs)

Sometimes (especially in summer) it really is fun to curl up on the couch together and veg for a while. And there truly are some gems out there - shows that encourage good character and are simply fun. Here are our favorites for the preschool crew:

Charlie and Lola. These are also a book series. Charlie is big brother to a charmingly pesky sister, Lola. Her antics are frustrating but not malicious and he is a model big brother, exhibiting patience, understanding and self control. Family values are spotlighted but not in a saccharin way - the two get into some very real disagreements that kids relate to. 

Peep and the Big Wide World. I love Peep! She and her friends Chirp and Quack wander their world making discoveries. This science-based series is entertaining and educational, and includes videos of real kids testing out the 'discoveries' the animated characters have made. Bonus - Joan Cusack narrates and the theme song is super catchy. 

The Original Thomas the Train. Based on the books by Rev. Awdry, Thomas and his friends help each other, striving to be 'really useful'. The stories manage to teach morals without being obvious about it. The original series was done with absolutely beautiful miniatures; newer ones are computer animated and don't have quite the same gentle tone, but are still good.  

Little Bill. How can you not love a show by Bill Cosby? Brightly colored "paper" animation, engaging characters and relatable plotlines engage kids. The parents are wise and kind, and Alice the Great is the perfect grandmother. Even the older siblings get along well and enjoy being with their baby brother. Lovely. 

Little Bear. Delightful characters, delightful drawings, delightful music. This program is just delightful. It's a good one for just before naps, and it's best for the youngest crowd.

A little later I'll share our favorites for the older elementary kids. I don't, however, have teenagers and I'm wondering if anyone could recommend some good shows for that age group?

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