Saturday, July 2, 2011

Save Money AND Give Back!

I'd like to introduce you to the Samaritan Saver card. With it you can save up to 50% at retailers nationwide and online! Retailers like Target, Walmart, Best Buy, 1-800-Flowers, GameStop, Chuck E. Cheese, PetSmart, KFC, Southwest Airlines and about 8,593 more.

Cards are $20 and are sold as a fundraiser for non-profits. They're valid for one year from the date you activate them - so they're also great for gifts, since you can hang on to them and give them out when you have an occasion.  I bought a card to support my husband's children's ministry (they're going to camp) and already made my money back by buying $150 worth of restaurant gift cards for just $22.50. I'm not kidding.

Want to see more? Check out Samaritan Saver and see how many deals you can get.

Want one? Email me with your name and address and I'll tell you how you can pay me through paypal. Then I'll mail your card to you and you can start saving! (Yes, shipping is free!)

Want to find out how you can sell Samaritan Saver cards to benefit your ministry, school, soccer team, what have you? Check out Samaritan Fundraising for more information!

P.S. Samaritan Saver did not pay me or ask me to write this review. They don't know me from Adam. I just think it's a really cool deal they've got going on. 

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