Thursday, April 21, 2011

Weekly Wrap Up, April 18-21

In an attempt to show y'all what we do around here (which is not watch TV and eat bon bons, sadly) and also to keep myself accountable (which is the real reason) I thought I'd start posting an overview of what we've done each week. I've also heard this is helpful in noticing weak areas in our regimen.

If you're also a homeschooler, feel free to link up your own school schedule in the comments section!

Week of April 18-21 (we school 4 days per week)

Memory Work: Books of the Bible up to Nehemiah, "The Moon" by Robert Louis Stevenson, weights and measures, days/weeks/months in a year, seconds, minutes and hours.

Latin: Nothing. We did no Latin this week. Bad Classical homeschoolers, bad!

Bible: 1st Kings 12:25 - 19:18 (Calvary Chapel lessons 96-100)

Math: Leslea - Saxon 3 lessons 103-106
         Owain - Abeka 1 lessons 127-130
         Alese - Math U See (MUS) Primer lessons 17A - 18B

Grammar: Leslea - Rod and Staff (R&S) 3 lessons 75-78
                Owain - English for the Thoughtful Child (ETC) lessons 12 & 13
             Alese - Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons (100EL) lessons 80-83
                        (admittedly this isn't grammar, it's phonics, but she hasn't gotten to grammar yet)

Assigned Reading: Leslea - Lucy Doesn't Wear Pink
                            Owain - The Velveteen Rabbit, The Muffin Muncher
                            Alese - The Children's Story Bible

Read Aloud - Finished The Secret of the Andes 
                       Katje, the Windmill Cat
                       The Boy Who Held Back the Sea

History: SOTW 3 Chapter 2 "The Dutch Revolt" (will finish this next week)
                            Colored William the Silent, did mapwork
                            Read books on the Netherlands

Science: Nothing. Bad Classical homeschoolers! Bad!

Fine Arts: Studied Rembrandt

Spelling: - 15 minutes daily for Leslea and Owain

Spanish: Rosetta Stone - 15 minutes daily for Leslea and Owain

In my defense of my slacker week, we've all had a cold. See? This accountability thing is working already. Next week we'll be really rigorous!

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