Friday, April 15, 2011

I Need Your Help

This blog needs a name.

We're about to switch over to Wordpress for various reasons and in order to do that I need THE name. The name that will stick forever, unchanging and sure. A name that speaks to people, that brings hope and joy and oodles of page views.

And I got nothin'.

Ok, I admit the blog already has a name. I'm just not sure I like it that much.

A little back story: when I started the blog it was just 'my name dot blogspot dot com' and that was fine because it was just my journal. Then when I made it available to family I called it 'Living Well' because it made me think of Martha Stewart and Joyce Meyer and I want to be those girls.

As more folks I didn't know started checking in I was afraid they might think I was actually like those girls. I love being able to help folks out, but I certainly didn't want anyone getting the idea I had life all figured out. It started to sound a little condescending. So I put "The" in front of it and was pleased at the bit of double entendre - living intentionally (well) plus Jesus is the living water - get it?

And yet. I look at other blogs like The Pioneer Woman and Raising Olives and I love their catchy names! I have blog name envy. So I need your help. I need you to vote for a name. And you have to vote. You're obligated. You showed up here, so don't blame me. Once you're here, you're family. (Wait. Isn't that an Olive Garden commercial?)

Your choices are:

The Living Well. Just stick with it, for crying out loud.

Coffee and Babies. I like this (it seems that's what my life revolves around) but I'm afraid it won't be applicable in a few years.

The Accidental Californian. A play off my overwhelming desire to never live in SoCal.. and then moving here.

OR suggest your own. Please suggest your own. I'm begging you, really, to suggest a new one.

Or you can vote for one someone else suggested.

Remember, you have to vote. I'll know you were here. Just sayin'.

P.S. Thanks for reading. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I love you all.

P.S.S. Please vote. Please. You can vote more than once. Tell your friends.

P.S.S.S. Thank you.


  1. what about "Take Five" here's how I came up with that. first you have 5 kiddos, most people take a 5 minute coffee break, in hollywood when an actor needs a moment its called taking five (also when they reset a scene they call them takes) and you are taking five minutes to write you blog (or there about).

  2. Hmmm. I, too, recently switched blogsites and chose a new name, so I know the frustration! I like "The Living Well," but I also like Aimee's suggestion of "Take Five" a lot! In fact, I couldn't come up with anything I like better! Determining my target audience helped me a lot with choosing my new name. Good Luck!

  3. Thanks Crystal! I've got to choose pretty soon, so I may just have to live with it! :)

  4. I'm gonna vote for take five, I think it works for all the reasons Aimee listed plus the fact that Hollywood is in So Cal, your desired place to live adds to it. Good Luck. I struggled with the name of my blog too. Its tough, might change mine too.

  5. The tag line could be: Taking 5 to have a cup of coffee, love my babies and enjoy life! Hope you like it.

  6. The Gratituesday: I love bloggers post won't let me enter the word verification, so I'm leaving my blog address here instead: I hope you enjoy and find something useful there for you. :D

  7. MrsKD, sorry about the verification thing! Love your blog!