Thursday, April 7, 2011

Going Green: The Last Post (Finally)

Do you remember the Going Green series? From back in March? And how I said I had one more 'Growing Green' project to post about? 


That's okay.

I hadn't really forgotten about it, I just, you know, have some other stuff going on right now. But I finally went down to the nursery last week and bought some seedlings to plant! 

A little backstory: I am a plant killer. House plants don't have a chance. A dear friend, knowing my affliction, once gave me a cactus. I over-watered it and it died. Despite this, I've always wanted a big, lush garden, full of veggies and herbs. I've never had the space or time to do it before.

Let's be honest. I don't have the space or time to do it now. 

But I'm giving it a shot anyway. 

So, my last 'green' project was to plant these seedlings with the kiddos:

The two in cages are bush beans. The one on the right is a 'Sugar Snack' tomato. The fourth is a green pepper.

Basil and cilantro in pots. And my kid's Christmas pjs. Yes, it's April, why do you ask?

Another shot of the raised bed. It was empty when we moved in, except for that big green leafy plant and the palm. Please pretend you don't notice my out of control lawn. 

The big green leafy plant (I have no idea what it is. I have little use for ornamentals unless they're flowers. I wanted to pull it out, but it isn't really mine since we're renting.) And our three little strawberry plants. They're not looking too well. Pray for them. 

These are cucumbers. They were half dead at the nursery, so the nice nursery man gave them to me "to nurse back to life." HA HA HA HA HA HA. He has no idea who he's talking to. 

These are six Roma tomatoes we planted at the foot of the berm. (A berm is an earthen embankment or wall. I'm so glad I'm here to expand your vocabulary.) 

One of the Romas. 

So, that's my little green project. Are you planting anything this spring? Have any gardening advice? Did I plant my strawberries too close together? Do you think those poor cucumbers have a chance? Why do you suppose I can grow children but not plants? Or fish? Fish always die around here. Is it me? 

Thanks for listening. I love you all. 


  1. I have a black thumb, and the most gardening I do is picking produce at the grocery store. But I wanted to say how much I love your little rock wall on your garden!

  2. Ok, Kristine, just for you I'm going to pull the houseplant a lovely gal gave me as a housewarming present back out of the trash and take a picture and put it up here.

    We black-thumbers have to stick together. :)