Monday, February 28, 2011

Gratituesday; March

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Today I am grateful for March.

January and February are always my least favorite months. It's cold. And grey. We've hit the boring part of the school year. There aren't any decent holidays to speak of (I'm looking at you, Valentine's).

And this January and February have been the toughest I've faced in a long time. We moved, unexpectedly, and I didn't like it. I wrestled with God and lost. I tried to keep my joy and felt like I failed. I tried to keep my head up and just ended up feeling sorry for myself.

But now it's March. Spring is cropping up. The days are getting longer, easing into summer. Our routines are back in place, the house is unpacked, and we recently found a pair of doves living in the back yard.

It's a new season. And instead of dreading it, I'm ready to rush forward and greet it. I'm convinced of God's faithfulness; He has turned me so that I can see that His plan is really, really better than mine. I've given up striving and regretting and twisting in the wind. He is so good.

I'm ready for the spring, and the new year, and whatever our future holds.

Bring it on.

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