Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

We are starting our new year trying to unbury ourselves from the mountain of boxes we schlepped across the desert to our new home. The house is amazing (more on that later) and the area is lovely (also more on that later) and we've had some adventures (so do be sure to check back later).

But today we pause to make our Resolutions. I actually prefer to call them goals, because quite frankly I don't always have enough resolve to see them through.

My personal 2011 goals? Hmm. Be generous. Be healthy. Get fit. Do more blogging. Love people more. Be closer to God. And write down some details about these goals. After all, a goal that can't be quantified can't be evaluated. (More on that later.)

And for some fabulous advice, check out this post from The Common Room:

The Common Room: New Year's Resolutions Advice from 1920

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