Monday, November 1, 2010

What I'm Looking At

I saw a fun little challenge for bloggers yesterday, and while I thought it a touch narcissistic I also thought you might benefit by knowing the websites I frequent, since they're all pretty great.

The idea is to put each letter of the alphabet into the search bar and see which website your computer thinks you'll want. Here we go: - Oh yes! My go to place when I get something funky like parsnips in my produce basket. Great recipes for everything. - Of course. - Uh.. this is the site where I pay for my produce basket each week. The website is It's phenom, you should check it out. - This would be my husband's favorite. - We're studying this in school right now. - Coupons! - I love this blog! - Um, don't know. - Yay for hubby! - Must be the husband again.

l - nothing - sorry. - Another great blog. - my electric company

o - nothing again. - my bank

q - again, nothing - This one might be my favorite blog. That or.. - So funny! So insightful! - my church! - Um... husband again. - Oh! Oh! I lied,THIS is my favorite!! It deserves it's own post, so I'll wait to gush about how awesome it is.

x - nothing. - email - handwriting

Hope you got something out of this. If not, come back later. I'm sure to have more nothin' for you.

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