Thursday, October 28, 2010

Homeschool Freebies! Stuff we use


I don't know why I haven't posted much about homeschooling. Maybe it's because homeschooling pretty much overwhelms my life, so once I sit down here to unwind it's not what I really like to think about.

That said, I LOVE homeschooling and I'm pretty passionate about helping other people do it, so I thought I'd share some stuff. My first homeschool series will be on FREE STUFF. 'Cause everybody likes free stuff, yes?

Each Thursday until I run out of ideas I'll be posting free resources you can grab for your homeschool. So y'all come on back now, ya hear?

I'll start with the ones I use right now:

MEP is a math program developed in Europe. You can download it and print it free. I use it as a supplement for my kids and I really like it's style - very mental math and lots of puzzles. You can get answer guides but you need a password. I don't know how to get the password, but check Google groups or any homeschool board and the folks who use it as their primary can let you in on the secret.

GuestHollow American History is AWESOME. I use it as my history spine. Love, love, love it. They have more stuff, too.

The BBC has a great typing program we use. Very fun.

Zaner Bloser has customizable tracing pages. We print these, then slip them in a clear sheet protector and use a wet erase marker to trace. Kids love wet erase markers.

Calvary Chapel offers a free Bible curriculum that we're using. It goes through the entire Bible in, like, 500 lessons or something. Coloring pages, crosswords, worksheets and more at varying difficulty levels mean everyone can do something.

Hope you find something you can use! Let me know if you use any other free resources!

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