Thursday, July 22, 2010

I love hating television.

This really isn't as fun without pictures, but until I either get my phone fixed or find the cord to my camera, there will be no pics. :(

Westyn went in for his 4 week check yesterday and tipped the scales at 6lbs 7 oz! All the other kids got weighed as well. Judah is 25 lbs, Alese is 34, Owain 45 and Leslea 46. I told Leslea she'd better start eating more, but it looks like they all need some protein shakes or something.

The last two days I pulled the plug on our TV. I had gotten really tired of it being on 5 or 6 hours a day since Westyn was born. Can I just say that I love not having the TV on? Since I said no more screen time the girls drew a bunch of pictures and opened an art gallery in the pool room, Owain caught ants in a jar in the yard, we played with Unifix cubes and Tangrams, put up posters in the school room, cleaned out the craft closet and made mini pizzas. Amazing how the kids can get along when there isn't the distraction of the box. And when we did watch an hour of TV (Wipeout!) we really enjoyed it since it was something we really wanted to see, as opposed to searching for a decent program to numb our minds to. I'm moving back to 1850. Only with toilets. And A/C. And Starbucks.

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