Saturday, February 21, 2009

Today's thought: unforgiveness is like a cow.

Let me explain. A few weeks ago I was watching Survivorman with my daughter. For some reason she really loves that show. I think it's all a little nuts, but it's educational. Sort of. Anyway, in this particular episode the wild man guy was stuck in the bush somewhere. I can't remember where he was. The details don't really matter. The point is, he had run out of water. He got all excited because he found a stream but when he got up to it there was a big, bloated, dead cow in the water. The dead cow made the water bitter and undrinkable. Track with me here: those of us who claim to follow Christ are supposed to be refreshing, like streams in the desert. But some of us have cows in our streams. The cow is unforgiveness and when we let it lay there it festers and stinks and fouls up the water. Forgiving people can be hard. Scratch that, forgiving people is hard. As humans we love to carry grudges but those grudges can literally kill us. Studies have shown that unforgiveness and bitterness actually lead to a physical break down of our bodies. Not to mention our souls. Keeping that bitterness and anger is like encouraging cancer to grow in our bodies. And the kicker is that it doesn't hurt the person who hurt us at all.

Just think, survivor guy was literally dying of thirst, but he passed up the stream. He'd rather go thirsty than drink polluted water. How many people have turned away from our water when they found it polluted?

Ditch the cow.

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